on 21 september our school held basic training of student leadership at PUSSENIF TNI AD on supratman street. On the first day we march in line of each class continuously in for group and we are sent to hall, in hall we watch vidio together and after that we cut hair, we continue to enter the barracks respectively. On the second day we learn lines of march and we continue to pray together Friday, at 4 pm we walk to the grave garden of the hero, in the grave of our hero hold event "CARAKA NIGHT" we are ordered around the tomb, ps we have nyampe us in order to eat candy that taste bitter at all, we are in order to eat candy while push up clothes at open


TANA TORAJA is one of the districts of South Sulawesi, one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Sulawesi province unique and different cultures, ranging from traditional home Tongkonan, funeral ceremony Rambu Solok, Cave Londa Cemetery, Lemo Stone Cemetery, or Baby Cemetery Kambira.
  The name Toraja was first given by the Sidenreng Bugis tribe who called the inhabitants who live in this area as "Riaja" (people who inhabit the mountains). While the people of Luwu called them, "Riajang" (the people who inhabit the west).
Another version says that Toraja from the word "Toraya" (Tau: orang, and raya or maraya: great), this combination of two words gives meaning "great people" or "noble man". The next term that is more often used is the Toraja term, the word "tana" itself means area. Toraja residents and territory was          eventually known as Tana Toraja.Masyarakat Toraja adhere to "aluk" or custom whi…

Rafi      :"Hi abdul, how are you?" Abdul   :"Hi rafi, i'm good thanks and you?" Rafi     :"Me too" Abdul   :"By the way ,are you have plan next week or next month?"
Rafi      :"why are you asking me that?"
Abdul   :"Because I want to take you vacation to Lombok, to Rinjani Mountain!" Rafi      :"Wow that terrific, But sorry, I already have plans with my family, by the way what date are               you going to go?" Abdul    :"I left on the 15th of september." Rafi      :"Ohh dated 15 yes, It must be very exciting."
Abdul    :"But where are you going with your family."
Rafi      :"I went to bali, Precisely Lake Beratan Bedugul and precisely on the 13th of september,                       Unfortunately our departure time is close together, I really want to go with you, to mount                   Rinjani must be very cool."
Abdul    :"It's okay. Next time we will vaca…

August 24 2017,,I was reunion with my junior friends in the park map road map.Reunion this time told about the memories of the memories made in junior high school, the story of jokes and laughter at that time we started even though only a few friends who attended because of their busyness each.   This reuinion event is actually already planned 1 month ago by my friends,although the attendance at the reunion is only about 28 people but this reuinion event is very memorable for me because it can be reunited with friends in junior high school.
  Our show there just eating,photos together,joking.All day for telling junior high school in my opinion is not enough, must with time to tell the joy of time in junior high school.


Dialogue With Friend
Rafi     : "Hi   I am rafi, may I know your name please?"
Abdul  :"Sure I am abdul,Im from bandung, what about you?"
Rafi     : "Me too. are you anime lovers?"
Abdul  :"Yes, Do you know about anime titled tokyo ghoul?"
Rafi     :"Yes,Yes i really know the anime, according to my anime it is very exciting and thrilling"
Abdul  :"Wow you really know about the anime, we turn out the same anime lover yes, then may I                     ask for your phone number?"
Rafi     :"Sure, 085123456789,What about your phone number?"
Abdu l :"I'll call you your number later"
Rafi     :"Oh oke, but wait When do we meet again?"
Abdul  :"How about next week? Do you have a plan later?"
Rafi     :"OK . I do not have any plans next week"
Abdul :"Okay, see you later"
Rafi    :"Oke bye~"